Native “Gardening”

Family members have occasionally mentioned that I must’ve gotten my love for gardening from this relative or that relative. I’m usually quick to respond that I don’t love gardening at all. They’re missing the point. I don’t like gardening, I like creating habitat. That’s what it’s all about. That’s what I put my time and effort into.

IMG_3373 copy

I’m just not that into gardening. It generally doesn’t coincide with the things I like doing. When I plant a new plant, it’s not the act of planting it that I enjoy. What I enjoy is getting it in the ground as quick as possible so insects and animals can soon benefit from it. I don’t spend much time working in my “garden”. I don’t waste money on annuals that have to be replaced year after year, and other than removing invasive species, I don’t really do anything to maintain it. For the most part, it lives and breathes all on its own. I don’t even consider what I do to be a hobby. I don’t do enough for it to be called a hobby.

IMG_2866 copyIMG_2865 (2) copy.jpg

The only hobby I enjoy in relation to my garden is photography. My camera is a tool that helps me show others how important native plants are as well as how great they look, and how easy they are to maintain. I hope that someone, somewhere, will look at my photos and decide to plant a native garden of their own.

IMG_3148 copy1

I dream of a future where “gardening” is a term that means “to restore habitat in one’s yard”. When that day comes, I’ll like gardening.


2 thoughts on “Native “Gardening”

  1. Great post!

    While I began my garden for the same reason as you did, habitat restoration and photography, over time the plants themselves began to grow on me. Especially after watching “What Do Plants Talk About?” and “How to Grow a Planet”, I fell in love with the plants as much as I did the garden inhabitants.


    1. Oh, I love the plants I grow, they’re as interesting as the insects and animals that need them. I tend to grow the brightest and showiest natives, because I really like how they look, and I think if more people see how nice they are, it’ll convince them to go native too! It’s just the hobby of gardening that I don’t care for.


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